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Glycolic Acid Peel Benefits

January 8, 2019


As we know, exfoliation is removing dead skin, debris, and pore-clogging material away from the surface of the skin to reveal newer, brighter skin. Just know there are two different kinds of exfoliation: physical and chemical. Physical refers to anything with a slightly grainy or abrasive texture that you massage into your skin to manually remove buildup. Chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, utilizes safe-for-skin acids that break through debris and dead skin on a cellular level.



Smaller Pores

Glycolic acid peels can help to shrink the appearance of pores. Pores appear enlarged when they are clogged with dirt and bacteria, resulting in blackheads. During a glycolic acid peel, chemicals seep into the epidermis and remove the dead skin cells on the surface. The dirt and bacteria that can clog pores is loosened, which makes the pores look smaller.



Improves Acne

Glycolic acid peels are often used to treat acne and acne scars. By delivering a stronger dose of glycolic acid than many over-the-counter acne treatments contain, the peel targets problem areas and removes layers of breakout-causing dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells from your face and neck. The result is a brighter, more even complexion.



Reverses Sun Damage

Extended exposure to the sun can cause discoloration and dark spots on the surface of your skin. Glycolic acid peels expose a fresh layer of skin and less the appearance of sun-related spots. Glycolic acid stimulates the rebuilding of skin cells, and this rapid regrowth results in a brighter, more even complexion.




Many look to glycolic peels as a way to reduce wrinkles and other symptoms of aging. Glycolic acid works to strengthen deep layers of your skin, which helps to soften fine lines and gives your face a fresh, more plump appearance. To maintain these effects, it may be necessary to repeat the glycolic acid peel every three to four months.



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