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Dr. Kennedy talks Liposuction!

September 15, 2017








What is liposuction?  Liposuction is a permanent removal of fat from under your skin.  The result is a thinning and smoothing of the treated body part, and it works by disrupting the tissue and then removing it by suction.  There is no loss of weight, because the amount of fat removed is small compared to your total body fat. At Magnolia Medspa, we perform liposuction with the help of Smart Lipo.  When laser is used, there is little bleeding or bruising, the skin tightens, and the fat tissue is destroyed. Fat cells don’t come back, but the cells left may gain size and fat if a good diet is not followed.



Am I A candidate for liposuction? The ideal patient for Smart Lipo is a fit person who has some trouble areas in the body that need smoothing or reduction.  This patient is willing to eat right and exercise to maintain body shape, and will wear a compression garment for a short period after the procedure in order  to maintain the new body shape. 


Whats the downtime? Downtime is just a day or two, because there are no wounds or stitches, no drains or heavy dressings, and normal clothes can be worn over compression garments.  Many clients return to work the next day.  


The best preparation for this type of surgery is a fitness program designed to improve muscle tone, and a diet that is nutritious and high in protein.  Weight loss before the procedure is a good idea for some clients.

Supplements will sometimes be recommended.  The best results are found in those willing to get in shape before the surgery.


At Magnolia Medspa, Smart Lipo is done under local and without general anesthesia.  This innovation reduces cost and reduces risk of problems.


The patient notices results immediately, and is asked for feedback while still in the operating room.  Over time the result improves, Exercise and normal activities can be resumed in a few weeks.


The results are permanent, if the client continues proper diet and exercise.


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