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At Magnolia Academy, we offer the most comprehensive hands-on neurotoxin & dermal filler training in Georgia, with post-training mentorship opportunities.

#1 priority in neurotoxin & dermal filler training is the amount of HANDS-ON training experience YOU will receive


Access to Galderma Aesthetic Injector Network for courses (GAIN)


Obtain access to a faculty of Aesthetic experts and injectors across the globe. Galderma offers a premium training program to ensure healthcare providers know how to use Galderma products securely and efficiently.


Comprehensive Hands-On & Intimate Training


Each training has a maximum of 4 attendees. This intimate course setting allows the instructor to spend individualized time with each attendee. The instructor is available to answer attendee’s questions and to share years of experience with neurotoxin and dermal filler products and procedures.


Galderma Certification


Aquire a certification by our sponsor, Galderma upon satisfactory course completion.


Post-Training Mentorship Opportunities


Shadow one of our providers at Magnolia Medspa. Observe real patient-provider interactions, treatments, and receive additional one-on-one support.

Two Full-Days of Neurotoxin & Dermal Filler hands-on training


New to medical aesthetics training? Magnolia Academy prides itself in a two full-day course of injectable training with in-depth education, integrating skills learned in the didactic portion with real-life scenarios in the workplace.


Learn the foundations of neuromodulator and dermal filler injectables during our introductory two-day Injectable foundations course. All of our beginner courses include a didactic portion & hands-on training.


  • Save by participating in both full days of neurotoxin and dermal filler trainings.
  • Learn in an intimate setting with ample time to ask questions with our trainer.
  • Receive Galderma certification upon satisfactory course completion.
  • Qualify for our mentorship program where you will have the opportunity to shadow one of our providers at Magnolia Medspa. Observe real patient-provider interactions, assessing patients, and receive additional one-on-one support. (additional $800)



October 14th & 15th

$1999 (value $3500) Neurotoxin & Dermal Filler Training

payment options available upon request



Full Day Neurotoxin Hands-On Training

  • Access to Galderma's GAIN courses and lectures
  • Review facial anatomy
  • Discuss the history and pharmacology of Dysport®
  • Go over reconstitution techniques for Dysport®
  • Understand client selection and preparation
  • Review facial anatomy in commonly injected areas
  • Analyze proper injection technique
  • Learn the indications, contraindications, and treatment techniques
  • Inject on multiple models
  • Examine possible side effects and post-treatment protocols

Date: October 14th


payment options available upon request

Full Day Dermal Filler Hands-On Training

  • Access to Galderma's GAIN courses and lectures
  • Learning about NASHA & XpresHAn technology
  • How to choose “which filler for which area”
  • Anatomy of commonly injected areas, including dangerous areas to be avoided
  • Review medical history, indications and contraindications.
  • Determine plan for best aesthetic outcomes.
  • Review consent form with patient.
  • Learn step by step injection techniques for each Restylane® product
  • Inject on multiple models
  • Know signs and symptoms of vascular occlusion and how to treat

Date: October 15th


payment options available upon request

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If you are a licensed medical professional looking to make a transition into the aesthetic industry, attending a course at Magnolia Academy® is the perfect pivot point!