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Laser Liposuction & Body Sculpting

Dr. Kennedy performs SmartLipo for patients to rapidly dissolve fat and tighten the surrounding skin on almost any part of the body. This FDA-approved procedure is minimally invasive which offers less bleeding, bruising, and swelling, along with a quicker recovery time.


The procedure is performed with a small one-millimeter cannula that contains a laser fiber along with local tumescent anesthesia. The laser fiber delivers energy directly to the fat cells causing them to rupture and drain away as liquid while also tightening surrounding skin.


SmartLipo vs. Traditional liposuction

Unlike traditional liposuction, SmartLipo adds a skin tightening element to the procedure. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which helps improve the quality and tightness of your skin.

SmartLipo uses smaller instruments and laser technology.  There is reduced bruising and swelling with SmartLipo, however, a compression garment must be worn following the procedure to lessen the swelling.


Can I Expect Immediate Results?

Shortly after the procedure, the treated area will appear more compact. Skin tightening is a gradual process and best results are seen after several months.


What is the recovery time?

Patients who receive SmartLipo are back to work in 2-3 days. You will be driven home after the procedure and rest for a few hours, after which you may gradually increase your activity as tolerated. A pressure garment may be placed over the procedure area for several weeks depending on the body area treated. Patients must refrain from strenuous exercise for three weeks.


The most common complications include bruising, infection, minimal bleeding, numbness, skin burns and swelling.


What to Expect After SmartLipo

You'll probably be sore and a little swollen for 1-3 days following. Dr. Kennedy will provide pain medication to keep you comfortable. He will advise you to wear a compression garment to speed healing. Everyone's recovery is slightly different, but most people are able to return to work within a 1-3 days.


As you recover, you'll notice your skin begin to tighten as the new layers of skin form. This firming may continue for up to six months after your procedure. These techniques remove fat cells that are not recreated. If you should gain weight, it's likely that fatty deposits will not expand in the areas where the procedure was performed.

Treatable Areas include Abdomen, Ankles, Arms, Buttocks, Chin, Hips, Knees, Neck, & Thighs.


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Fat Transfer

Once the fat has been harvested using liposuction techniques, it will be purified and prepared for the injection process. This gives the fat the best chances for survival, as some of the cells will be able to establish themselves in their new location and become permanent over time. The injection process is minimally invasive, and patients can look forward to beautiful, natural-looking results with minimal downtime.


Treatment Areas

  • Buttocks, for improving volume and refining roundness and contour

  • Hips, for enhancing an hourglass figure

  • Face, for filling in wrinkles and restoring lost volume

  • Breasts or stomach, for smoothing out irregularities

  • Other areas, such as depressed scars from prior trauma

When to Consider Fat Transfer

  • If you have facial areas that appear creased and sunken

  • If you desire more permanent correction than is provided by temporary fillers

  • If you wish to improve your body contour, revise scars, fill bodily depressions and rejuvenate your hands and face

  • For use in breast reconstruction, to fill in contour irregularities or hide obvious signs of breast implants



  • Autologous fat (from your own body), as opposed to dermal fillers, replaces “like with like,” reducing the chance of allergic reactions to foreign substances.

  • Fat transfer results are natural, long lasting and safe.

  • Fat transfer is a noninvasive method for achieving facial rejuvenation.


Determining if you are a good candidate for Fat Transfer

  • The purpose of fat grafting is to augment or fill in volume-deficient areas. Commonly grafted, or injected, areas include the hands, face (including the lips), depressions in the skin (following liposuction and scarring) and the breast and buttock (for augmentation). Of course, you must have donor sites from which fat can be taken. It is important that you do not have any circulation problems, either from a medical condition or smoking.

  • Facial fat transfer: If you have facial creases, such as laugh lines, smile lines, and crow’s-feet, fat can be removed from your abdomen, thighs, or other areas and be injected into your face. Acne scars and sunken areas of the face, lips, and cheeks can also be filled in. Your plastic surgeon can even use grafted fat to minimize lines between your nose and mouth, correct skin depressions or indentations and minimize forehead wrinkles.

  • Breast augmentation: If you desire a modest increase in breast size, you are a good candidate for fat grafting to the breast, but your breasts should already have a nice shape and good skin tone. If you have poor skin, sagging breasts, or want a significant increase in breast size, breast augmentation with fat transfer is not for you.



Non-Surgical Butt Enhancement

Patients who are not candidates for fat transfer and do not want to go through the pain and downtime of surgery now have non-surgical solutions with the injection of Poly L Lactic Acid Seeds, or Sculptra. This product stimulates the body's natural production of collagen. 

Sculptra in the buttocks can fill dimples & improve cellulite while also filling the area and tightening skin. It is a simple injection process & results are most noticeable after 6 weeks. Results last 3-5 years.